About Limona

Language is the core element of my work. It truly is my passion because it often influences us more than we realize. Writing, listening, speaking; communication connects! What we say to ourselves has a direct effect on our behaviour and written and spoken words on the people we communicate with.

I am Loes van Oosterhout-Iedema and I live and work in the Utrecht region, The Netherlands. Over the past 20+ years, I have worked for various clients as a freelance communication specialist, writer, corporate journalist, editor, coach and executive assistant. E.g. for HEINEKEN Nederland, HEINEKEN International, Claris Zorggroep, Miele Nederland, APPLiA, HeadOffice (Sanoma), Klaverblad Verzekeringen, Eneco, Stedin, Bouman GGZZ, Digital Spirit Media, Initworks and De Communicatietrainer.

I am proud of GRIJS Magazine, the inspirational magazine for 70+ readers that I created with two other freelancers. Unfortunately, it never became more than a dummy. Below, you’ll find a video of the launch: