Communication coaching

Although we are born with the gift of language, research shows that we are surprisingly inept when communicating with others. We often choose our words without thinking, unaware of the emotional effects they have on other people.

Unfortunately, communication between people doesn’t always go smoothly. That’s because every person looks at the world through their own ‘filter’ and has their own reality. That filter is created by values, beliefs, self-image and expectations, among other things. When your reality doesn’t match that of someone else, you will often face incredulity, irritation or even arguments. With family members, your own partner, your (adolescent) children, your colleagues or your staff. Find out what drives your communication with others through communication coaching, so you can actively change it to get better results. My expertise:

  • Personal coaching (including for business, on behavioural criteria)
  • Relationship coaching
  • Results coaching (coaching to achieve business or personal goals)
  • Executive coaching