Are you regularly asked to write a column, speech, blog or memo, but lack the inspiration or creativity to find the right words? Do you need to write text for your new website, but you’ve got no idea where to start? Then call in the help of a good copywriter who can review or rewrite your texts.


Ghostwriting is a great solution for columns or blogs. With ghostwriting, the copywriter takes on all the writing needed for your blog or column. Ideal for entrepreneurs, board members, directors, managers or CEOs who want to share their brilliant ideas and vision with the world (think annual reports, staff magazines, newsletters), but haven’t got the time, or aren’t sufficiently skilled in the art of writing.

Writing for writers without egos

With ghostwriting, the copywriter writes a column, speech, blog or memo in your name, after a personal interview. Ghostwriting demands special characteristics from the copywriter concerned, as they basically need to crawl into your mind. The copywriter is your voice and chooses exactly that tone and those words that you might use yourself. For one person, that might be colourful language, while for others it would be short and sharply worded, or perhaps very abstract. It all depends on the goal, the audience and the medium. The copywriter must not only be a good listener, he or she must master different writing styles and be able to empathise well. Ghostwriting is also jokingly referred to as ‘writing for writers without egos’, because someone else is going to take credit for their writing. Are you looking for someone who can put your ideas and vision into words? Someone who can rewrite and improve the texts you’ve already written? Then send an email to and ask about the options.

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