The image of women as nags may be the result of the different communication styles used by men and women.

Women are often inclined to do what they’re asked. That’s how they’re raised by other women, and it’s the way that women interact with each other. Many men are inclined to resist even the smallest suspicion that someone – and especially a woman – is trying to tell them what to do. That’s how men are raised by other men, and it’s the way that men interact with each other. If a woman doesn’t get the right response from her significant other, she’ll be inclined to repeat the request. In a friendly way at first, usually. If that doesn’t work, more forcefully and with a raised voice. That’s because she’s convinced that her man will do what she asks, if only he REALLY understood what she wants from him. Unfortunately, that’s the problem – he doesn’t. A man will always try to avoid having the feeling that he’s following someone else’s orders. Consequently, he will instinctively wait before carrying out those requests – digging in his heels, so to speak. Just so that he can feel that if he does something, it’s of his OWN, FREE will. Every time the woman repeats her request, the man will postpone actually doing it. Which, in turn, leads to a nagging and frustrated woman.